Put our expertise to work for you. At Willow’s Dog Wash, we are proud to have received the following recognition from our customers.

You two always do a great job grooming Dakota! Thank you both! We live in Andover now. But we'll always come back to Champlin to get him groomed with you!
Thanks again!!!

Tyler & Dakota

“Your grooming service is perfect for my elderly mother. The fact that you go right to her senior community living she no longer drives and with all her children still working its perfect that its one less appointment we are running to and can spend more time visiting.
She is also very nervous about where her dog goes ( very attached) and she trusts you and has never had a worry while sadie is being groomed. The cuts are always great. Truly a great service, Thank you”

– L McLennan

“Chloe says thank you sooooooo much for taking such GREAT care of her. Her Mama Becky says thank you for lovingly taking care of her. I appreciate the heartfelt call regarding the red spots and her “itchy” spots. I called the vet and did find out they are gnat bites, so as you recommended Benedryl is helping. I cannot recommend your business enough – per her vets’ request I will be dropping off your brochures. What incredible love you treated my Golden with today. Amazing. I will NEVER take chloe anywhere else. Bunches of appreciation.”

– The Potts Bunch!

“Stella and Lily look and smell great! What a great concept, so convenient and affordable. We’ll definitely be using your services in the future. Thanks…”

– Mike & Brandon

“Great work today with Daphne and Ike, they came out really clean and it was a lot less stressful for Ike to be here than to be dropped off at the groomer. We are very happy with your services.”

– Mauri Petersen

“Kerry & Tory: Thank you so much for coming by this morning. Zoe looks awesome!!! And when you left, she was whining by the door. I opened it up, ms thang ran down the driveway looking for you! It was hilarious. She never asks to go out front, so whatever you all did she loved it. We have already started to spread the word! Thanks again! See you in a few weeks.”

– La Sharing H.

“Hello Kerry and Tory,

Thank you so much for your care of Obi today! He looks amazing! Also, it was obvious to me within minutes of meeting you both how much you care for the animals you groom and how your first priority is their comfort. I felt completely at ease knowing Obi would be treated gently and with respect to his limitations as a 15 year old dog. Instead of seeming exhausted after his grooming, he wanted to eat and hang out with us in the family room. He did end up taking a nice nap, but that is his normal schedule:) I was also impressed with the reasonable price and the cleanliness of your grooming truck! I will definitely be recommending your wonderful service to my clients. Also, we will see you when it warms up. I appreciated your consultation on how we can maintain his coat during the warmer months without losing his top coat. I look forward to using your service again!”

– Amy Haarstad DVM